Organizational Values

- Satisfying the subscribers by supplying reliable electricity

-Supplying high quality service through subtle and continuous monitoring of the projects

-Appreciating Islamic ethics and manners and implementing the plan known as honoring the clients

- Ensuring the quality of the electricity delivered to the subscribers

-Clarity and honesty in responding the customers

-Being honest in responding and feeling a sense of responsibility for the complaints and blackouts and power cuts

-Marketing standard and high quality electrical equipment

-Keeping the financial and ID cards information of the applicants and subscribers confidential

- Mechanizing the activities in order to maximally respond the demands of the subscribers

-Providing service in an uninterrupted, smooth, easy, effective and humble manner to the employees and clients

-Transparent flow of the information, responsible accountability, constructive interaction with the clients and promoting their level of public trust

-Promoting occupational health, regarding justice and synergy when interacting with the roe players

-Believing in synergy, teamwork and convergence

-Being loyal to the principles of safety, health, protection of the environment, economizing and prioritizing quality over quantity

-Decentralization and structural optimization
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