Mission of the Company

Congruent with the policies of the Ministry of Energy and Iran’s Power Generation & Distribution Company (known as TAVANIR), Mazandaran Electricity Distribution Company is in charge of supplying electricity from the entry point to the delivery point to the subscribers, the development and reconstruction of distribution networks, selling the branches and energy, after-sales service support and the optimization of energy consumption via planning, engineering, monitoring and control, the implementation of dynamic management system, the employment of the specialized and efficient manpower, taking advantage of state-of-the-art equipment and technology, satisfying and generating the desired facilities for the electricity subscribers as well as reducing the non-technical complaints and losses.

By developing, improving and supporting the infrastructures, we intend to carry out this task through establishing maintenance systems, asset management, applied research with an approach to promoting productivity and minimizing the energy losses consistent with the authentic national and international standards in order to meet the subscribers’ satisfaction and increase reliability at the company level through strategic planning.
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