Organization’s Mission Statement

Relying on the eternal Divine Power, while trying to realize the goal as “supplying reliable and sustainable electricity distribution service and fully satisfying the subscribers” and utilizing modern knowledge and technology to honor the due clients, in order to reduce the costs, and increase the productivity, respect the rights and promote the level of service to the company’s subscribers and  stakeholders, Mazandaran Electricity Distribution Company is responsible for the following missions and gets fully equipped with all its strength and effort to perform these missions in the best possible way:

-Trade of electricity complying with the regulations and instructions of the Ministry of Energy

-Development and construction, improvement and optimization, service and maintenance, and the proper operation of electricity distribution facilities

- Providing the electricity subscribers with the best quality service and supplying the required facilities to accept new demand and transfer subscriptions or change the capacity of the existing subscriptions

- Managing the load, consumption and energy demand and making efforts for the subscribers’ awareness and expanding and strengthening the culture of optimal electricity utilization

- Supporting applied projects and performing distribution sector oriented research activities

- Efforts to economize the activities and reduce overhead costs of electricity by some strategies such as downsizing the organization and increasing productivity

- Supporting the development of consulting and contracting capacities and novel technologies and outsourcing of studies affairs and competitive executive operations

- Welcoming customers’ suggestions and measuring their satisfaction in order to provide better service

- Controlling and supervising the management of all operations of the company so that to ensure the accuracy of the operations
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